3 days And Counting

With just 3 days and counting till my vacation to the Warbler Capitol of North America, I am so not ready. Nothing is packed, not even my optics. Which by the way is the single most important item a birder can’t forget. With Kathy going this year more stuff needs to be packed and it seems that as the 4:00 am jump off time on Saturday approaches we will have barely squeaked by with getting everything packed.

This year my reports from Lake Erie will probably be without pictures till I return home. I’m going to use my new Samsung tablet to post all sightings as they occur in the evening, and since I’m not real skilled with downloading pictures to it yet, I’m going to have to wait till I get home to my desk top computer.

Kathy, my wife will be joining me for the first time this year. Not being a birder, and having only 1 car, this could prove to be a logistical nightmare. She’s well aware of my birding habits while I’m here, so these few days should prove to be rather interesting.

And since Kathy is joining me the accommodations needed to be slightly better than my usual “Days Inn” in Oregon Ohio. This year we’re staying at Maumee Bay State Park. This is without a doubt, one of the nicest lodges in the state. So we’re kind of stoked about this as well. And it’s a little bit closer to the action than where I usually stayed.

So stayed tuned for more from the Lake Erie and some of the best migratory bird action in the eastern half of these United states.


2 responses to “3 days And Counting

  1. Indeed Les….registration is there ,everyone stops by there…. it is lovely!! I am staying there next year!

  2. Good Luck Les! and good choice on the Maumee Bay. I could not believe how nice it was when I stayed there last year.

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