Notes From The Field

The weather here has taken a turn for the better with more sun and less wind. Even though it has been pretty cool in the morning, the sun really warms person up quickly.
This place can be pretty amazing right after the festival is over. I arrived at the boardwalk at about 6:15 and besides myself there were only 8 other cars in the parking lot. I practically had the whole boardwalk to myself and it was wonderful. You can really hear the birds when less people are around. However this treat is short lived as more and more birders started to show up after and hour or so. Not nearly as many as Saturday or Sunday but still a good many people, e for a week day.
Some of the highlights of the day are 20 Warbler species including a Orange-crowned Warbler. Not a great count but not too shabby either. And a beautiful Snowy Egret that was right at the end of the causeway before you turned into the parking lot.
Tomorrow Kathy says that she’s joining me for another early morning boardwalk trip. Hopefully she will bring me luck and more Warblers.
More to come tomorrow.


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