Notes from the Field “Evening Edition”

Just prior to Kathy and me driving to Port Clinton for a fish dinner I read my e mail and saw that a Piping Plover had been seen from the Estuary Trail at Magee Marsh. Since the message was over 45 minutes old I decided to try anyway since it was on the way to Port Clinton. well I dipped on the bird, however I did pick up 3 new birds for both my trip list and my year list. Black-bellied Plovers, Willet, and Ruddy Turnstones were some very cool birds.
After leaving we were making our way to the restaurant when we both saw 2 mature Bald Eagles chasing after each other right in front of us. It’s sights like this excites Kathy and hopefully get her get more involved with birding.
And then to top it off as we were leaving the restaurant we heard a Eastern Towhee sing from this small stand of trees.
It certainly has been a good day, with more to come tomorrow.

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