Time to Go.

Just a quick note before we pack it up and head over to Maumee Bay Brewery for some lunch. The KirtlandWarbler was rediscovered again this morning by a photographer. We made a hasty retreat since we had already seen her and on the beach at the time. A passing thunder shower didn’t slow down any of the action on the boardwalk with a decent view of a Mourning Warbler and a Olive-sided Flycatcher. A Hooded was making itself known again with it’s very distinct song. And a real treat were Pine Siskins and Indigo Bunting and a Gray-checked Thrush.
And I think a scored my best ever in total number of different species of Warblers with 30. I”ll double check when I get home but the 2 from today might be the ones that got me there.
Anyway, it was a great trip and plans are already under way for next year. A complete trip list will be forth coming after I get home and review all my lists.
Happy Birding.


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