The Story Of A Bird “Part 2”

The rarest of the Wood Warbler family (Parulidae), the Kirtland Warbler is a true prize sighting for any bird watcher. Especially if you happen to catch one during migration while they’re off their breeding grounds. Being a very habitat specific species they require young Jack Pine stands that are 5 to 20 years old where they will nest on the ground under the branches.

The first census taken on this bird was conducted in 1951. Then another 10 years later. Starting in 1971 they’ve annually conducted a census with 2012 showing 2,090 singing males. So you get the true idea of how few there are. So when I wrote a post on May 14th titled “A Story Of A Bird” about being one of the first people to view this beautiful female Kirtland warbler at the East Beach, I couldn’t wait to see if any of my pictures turned out.

IMG_3848This is the kind of underbrush that we had to deal with as we tried to re-locate the bird. If you look close she’s under there in the shadows.

kirtland3Here’s a closer view as you see the bird looking to it’s right, behind the stick. It then flew to a bush that had less vegetation on it.

IMG_3850kirtland2A closer view of the above picture. If only it was turned around.

IMG_3852I just kept taking pictures till I felt I had captured one image worthy. And here it is after blowing it up and cropping out the background.


As one would expect when a rarity is spotted, the masses start gathering. I was very thankful that it wasn’t during the week of the festival because there would have been 4 times more people trying to get a good view of the bird.



It was a great time and a great bird. And believe it or not, on the last morning we were there 3 more were sighted. It really was a great time for birding. And on this note I’m going to leave you with a very good picture of the above mentioned bird. This was sent to me upon request from a very good photographer the day we saw the bird. He was excited because he spent 8 days there already waiting to see if a Kirtland Warbler would show up.

KirtlandCourtesy of R. Bruce Richardson

One response to “The Story Of A Bird “Part 2”

  1. Fantastic sighting of an amazing bird!

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