New Yard Bird

Sunday morning at 7:10 is usually a quiet time in my neighborhood. Sitting with my wife Kathy having our first cup of coffee and scanning the Sunday newspaper is a normal ritual for us. For myself this is a great time to do a little birding by ear as a good variety of species can be easily heard due to the lack of background noise, such as traffic, and recently construction.
There’s a small 20 plus acre farm across the street and behind the houses as I sit my front porch looking north. Listening to birds call while I read the paper I’m able to pick up Song Sparrows, Blue Jays, Red-shouldered Hawk, Eastern Towhee and … WILD TURKEY!
Absolutely shocked, I listened for several minutes as the bird moved further and further away in the deep cover of the wood lot on the farm. Living at this house for over 20 years this is a first for me.


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