“On The Road”

With just hours till the start of my much needed vacation, the process of selecting all the appropriate birding gear goes through almost all bird watchers minds. Questions such as what kind of birding am I going to be doing? Am I going to the mountains where I’ll be hiking through the woods, or am I going out west with all their wide open expanses of grasslands. Your destination plays a huge part in the gear you take along, and if you’re like me you’ll probably over pack. Quite simply there are certain items that I just can’t leave behind because you just never know when you need it.

This vacation will be divided into 2 parts. Our first destination will be  Gatlinburg Tennessee. It’s been years since I’ve been here and birding here will be on the casual side. We’re renting a house along with some family members so birding might be as stressful as sitting on the deck in the morning with a cup of coffee and my bins by my side. We might make a side trip into Cades Cove and of course my bins will coming along, but other than that birding isn’t a high priority activity. That will have to wait when we make a return visit to Hilton Head South Carolina, where I’ll meet up with old friend Rich to hunt down some much needed new birds for the life list.

But before I talk about the list of gear being taken let me tell you that I’ll be updating my blog while I’m away. Letting you know of all the exciting birding adventures I’ve been on, however there will no pictures with the blog posts. I’m taking my new tablet and I can’t figure out how to do pictures yet. So the pictures will have to wait till I get home, or by some miracle I can figure it out on my own.

So when I sat down the other day and started to collect my thoughts and my gear that were going, there are certain items that are just a given.

  • Binoculars (duh)
  • Spotting scope and tripod
  • Cameras x 2 with either replacement batteries or charged re-chargable battery with charging dock
  • Voice recorder (just so I can keep track of the millions of birds I’ll be seeing)
  • Digiscoping attachments
  • Field Guides.
  • Various Do-dads and Gizmos to keep everything clean and tightened.

For this trip I’m only taking 3. Which in itself is quite a lot since I’ll only be carrying one at any given time. However once again I don’t want to leave certain ones at home because I think they are that good.

Still my favorite after all these years

This may be one brick of a field guide, however I feel it’s the best when it comes to usage of actual photographs.

This guide runs a close 2nd to the Peterson Guide as being my favorite.

And if you don’t hear from me in a timely fashion, don’t worry, I might be having too much fun!


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