I Wanna’ Go Birding

Before I go any further with this blog post, let me get this off my chest so you have a full understanding on how I feel.


Now don’t take this the wrong way, I do a bang up job of painting once I put my mind to it. However I’m the Uber-procrastinator when it comes to getting off my duff and actually doing it.

I wanna’ go birding instead!

Boy, do I hate painting!

Now I have a deadline. A target date.

My bedroom make-over now had some definitive dates where certain jobs have to be completed, and painting is now the top priority.

Did I mention that I hate painting?

Our carpet has been ordered and the date has been set when it’s to be installed. So now the pressure is on to get the room painted before the install. And with the closet completely gutted as well, shopping for new closet organizers might not be a priority, however it has to be done. Living in one room with your clothes in another is a pain.

Would anyone like to help me paint? (Joking)

All I can say is thank God that my feeders are up so I can at Least watch from my desk. Birding will resume as soon as my “job jar” is empty. Until then I will try to fill these pages with as much birding info that I can find.

Then the holiday madness starts!

Then eventually my son’s room will have to be painted, which is the awful looking dark green color. A color he just had to have.


Birding is so peaceful, stress free, renewing, and doesn’t smell of paint.

Let’s see a show of hands of who’d rather be birding?

“I wanna’ go birding”


3 responses to “I Wanna’ Go Birding

  1. I hear you. We have a painting job coming up next weekend….almost our entire. main. floor. Because we’re getting a laminate floor put in, and the painting needs to be done before then. So yeah, I hate painting (I’m not really good at it and it aggravates the issues with my back) but maybe I can sneak out before my SO gets up in the morning to get some birding in!

  2. Les, Love your post. Would it be possible to add a GPS location on some of your sightings? I go out most weekends and would like to see some of the birds in your post. This is my first year for birding. I love nature and the outdoors and I go out hiking a lot. It wasn’t until I started noticing birds that I realized I haven’t really noticed nature.

    John Seiler

    • John, what a great idea if only I owned a GPS. I don’t even own a smart phone. If there is any place in particular you want more info on just drop me a line. I do plan on getting a GPS for my car for Christmas, but until then I have to rely on doing it the old school way.

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