Feeder Cams

Leave it to The Cornell Lab Of Ornithology to off up some live feed video cameras so we can get our bird watching fix online. The first feeder cam is located in Ontario Canada, just north of Thunder Bay on Lake Superior. I can only imagine the types of birds that will frequent this feeder as winter progresses. Gray Jays, Boreal Chickadees, Common Redpolls. The first time I tuned into this web cam there was a small flock of Evening Grosbecks gorging themselves on Sunflower seeds.

Here’s the link to this feeder cam.


Besides being out in the field birding with friends, I can’t help but love watching them at the feeders. I could sit for hours with binoculars in hand just watching my feeders as even the lowest House Finch bullies the other birds from HIS feeder. Now to have the opportunity to watch birds come to a feeder that would never come to any ordinary feeder like mine, is so much fun.

The second feeder cam is located at Sapsucker Woods at Cornell University. Maybe not as exciting.

Here is the link for this feeder cam.


With the “Winter Finch Forecast” looking dismal for our part of Ohio, it looks like I will be watching vicariously at these feeders throughout the season. Here’s a link to E-birds full Finch Forecast.

Winter Finch Forecast Link


2 responses to “Feeder Cams

  1. Les – thank you so much for all the ways you keep us posted and thrilled each day with your findings. It’s awesome what you do and much appreciated!

  2. This is one of the best blog sites that I have ever found.
    I cannot wait to hear more.

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