Audubon Images

Situated several miles West from Ross Ohio on Ohio Route 126 sits a sleepy little village of Shandon. For almost 30 years now we’ve passed through Shandon on our way to visit Kathy’s parents, and we’ve always thought that one day we should stop and visit some of the small shops. Well we did just that this last Saturday as Shandon was celebrating the holiday season with it’s own “Christmas in Shandon” So as we made our way to her parents we stopped to check out a couple of shops and grab a bite to eat.

Now one of the shops is a used book store that was once a stately house right on Rt. 126. Never turning away from any book store we started to peruse the shelf after shelf of dusty old books. Turning a corner and heading into what once was the kitchen I found the “nature” section. I started to scan to see if they might have any old field guides or other bird related books. Not see anything worth buying after my initial glance, I did notice a somewhat large envelope laying between some books on the top shelf. A envelope of  9″ X 12″ Audubon prints totally 18 prints.  And everything was 1/2 off, so I was able to snag this prize for only $10.00

So here’s a few of some of the prints I bought, that will someday get framed.

Now my problem is which ones will I get framed, I love them all?


3 responses to “Audubon Images

  1. Thank you for sharing the pictures. I am a fan of the last picture. Once again, thank you for sharing. Dar

  2. What a great find! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time.
    Thanks for giving us a peek!

  3. I love this plates, especially the blue birds. Thanks for sharing them.

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