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Notes From The Field

Yesterday morning was a little better as I once again pulled on my long underwear and heavy clothes to brave the elements. Local birding extraordinaire Brian Wulker, who I birded with the other day, located a small flock of Snow Buntings, Lapland Longspurs, and Horned Larks. Needing the Longspurs for my January 100 List, and having a opportunity to finally get some photos of Snow Buntings, I made the hour long drive to the western side of Hamilton County. The location is a local hotspot with a wide open field that overlooks a large gravel pit. Anyone who birds in the area knows of the Whitewater Township Senior Center, and that’s where our small flock of Winter specialties are hangin’ out.

With still below zero temperatures and a slight breeze I really had to bundle up as I started to scan the area. Brian had messaged me telling me that he threw some cracked corn for them to feed on which should last for a couple of days, so start there. I saw where he had thrown the seed but no birds. I drove around the back of the senior center and scanned the large field. There they are!

IMG_3468In this shot you can see all 3 species of birds.


IMG_3461A beautiful pair of Horned Larks


IMG_3464You have to admit they Snow Buntings are one of the most “cutiest” birds.

IMG_3973Another shot where all 3 species are seen together.

After watching them move about this large area feeding from one spot to the next for about 90 minutes, I made my way over Phil’s to pick up a much needed Eastern Towhee for my January count.

  • Lapland Longspur
  • Eastern Towhee

January total-73