“On The Road”…again!

After yesterdays birding adventure to Big Oaks N.W.R. I really didn’t have too many plans for today other than sleep in for once. And I did, and it felt great. As the morning wore on with hardly anything accomplished, the report of a Loggerhead Shrike at Armleder Park was certainly enticing. A Loggerhead Shrike is ubber-rare in these parts, however if I don’t make an attempt to re-locate the bird I’ll just end up kicking myself, especially if someone else finds it before me and I was just too lazy to go. With Kathy away for the rest of the day I grabbed my gear and started to head down the highway.

It was during this drive that my friend Phil calls me on my cell phone. A Snowy Owl was seen at the Home Depot in Washington Courthouse. WASHINGTON COURTHOUSE!  That’s like next door…almost. I make it to the next exit and point the bird-mobile north. As I’m doing this I’m calling my son David to lend a hand in the directions. Even though Washington C.H. is just next door, I don’t know exactly where it’s located in town. So for the next hour I’m on again, off again with David has he updates me on the status of the bird and to help me locate the Home Depot.

It’s during this time the fog settles in. And it’s thick. So thick I’m even wondering if I can get a clear shot of the bird even if I stand underneath it. But my worries were for naught as I approached the town. The fog wasn’t nearly as thick as when I was on the highway, so as I turned into the parking lot you couldn’t help but notice this white blog sitting on top of the light pole.

IMG_3520Bubo scandiacus- Snowy Owl



What an absolutely awesome bird. And if that wasn’t enough birding to last for awhile, I decided to head back down the highway to Armleder Park to try and find the Loggerhead Shrike.

I think I’ve gone mental!

I spent about an hour scouring the area that it was originally seen without any luck, till I notice a small raptor with pointy wings flying low. There’s my Merlin…as it zips by and into the trees.

It really is time to go home now. But first lets stop by Grand valley for one last peek over the edge to see if that White-winged Scoter was still there. And in the fading light amongst the hundreds of other ducks and geese was the White-winged Scoter. It was still there…just for me.

Content with today’s finds I finally head home for a much deserved adult beverage.

  • Snowy Owl
  • White-winged Scoter
  • Merlin

January 100 Species Total:  87

2 responses to ““On The Road”…again!

  1. Holy, wow. You actually got to see a snowy owl. That is awesome, the uniqueness and experience alone had to be worth the drive. Good for you sir, bravo, well played. Heard the owls have made it all the way to Florida, what the deuce.

  2. AWESOME!!!!
    Thanks for the directions to the Senior Center. I will make plans to get down there soon. Maybe scout out the area. Good luck with your count for January. I would like to get together some time to go birding, that would be great. I am starting my second year. My goal for this year is to reach 250. I have 186 life list as of today. Got a Mute Swan and Lesser Black-backed Gull today, Hoover Reservoir.

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