Rare Bird Alert

First we had the Snowy Owl invasion. Then for a short period we had what I thought was an over abundence of Snow Buntings. And just recently we have the White-winged Scoter phenominon. So now which bird is the new attraction all over the State of Ohio? Well it’s the Red-necked Grebe. And from all the chat on social media you can pretty much find them anywhere you have a large body of water. From East Fork State Park, the reservoir at the Cincinnati Water Works at California, on the river at Armleder, the gravel pits in Ross, to the Ohio River. Not knowing how long they’ll be around so the sooner you get out into the field the better. For myself maybe one day this weekend.   


One response to “Rare Bird Alert

  1. On March 28 and 30 I saw three grebes on the large lake at VOA park that I am reasonably sure were either horned or eared grebes–they weren’t large enough to be rednecked. Has anyone else reported these species in or near West Chester?

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