Upcoming Events


With just one week remaining, I can’t hardly contain myself as my vacation nears. And is the case just like every Spring for the past 6 years I’ll make my annual pilgrimage to Lake Erie and all the hotspots for birding. These will include Metzger Marsh, Magee Marsh, particularly the boardwalk, and Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. The auto tour at Ottawa is great, so if you’re ever there and it’s open, do it.

And for the second straight year my wife Kathy will be joining me. Now you need to understand that she’s not a birder, but she does appreciate them and puts up with my birding adventures. So starting Sunday morning, and ending late Wednesday afternoon it will be pretty much non-stop birding.

I’ll be updating my blog throughout my time up there, however there won’t be any pictures till I get home and download them to my home computer. And now with my new camera hopefully the pictures will be better than ever.

See you soon.


One response to “Upcoming Events

  1. Looking forward to your blog and photos. Happy Birding!!

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