Birds of the Boardwalk

What is it about this place that keeps me coming back year after year? Is it the people? I’ve been here when folks on the boardwalk were nut-to-butt as each person tried to get the best view. And this year as I was doing some late evening birding after 8 pm, no one was there but one or two people. Except hard core birders who can’t get enough. Is it the birds? To a great extent that’s true, however there’s more to it than just the birds. I really do love this area of Ohio, what with that vast body of water, small towns trying to keep their heads above the water during tough times, during a not so good economy. People are friendly here despite everything else, like the waitress who talked with us as we had our dinner in a small restaurant in Marblehead. A local mother raising a family on a economy that relies on those Summer dollars, as Kathy an I are having the house special of a fall off the bone chicken dinner with mashed potatoes.

But when you put all this together with some world class birding, someone like myself can’t help but fall in love.    But the birds……

IMG_0212Scarlet Tanager

IMG_0219Chestnut-sided Warbler

IMG_0242Black-throated Blue Warbler

IMG_0254Philadelphia Vireo

IMG_0259Female Black-throated Green Warbler

IMG_0261Cape May Warbler

IMG_0266American Redstart

IMG_0280Common Nighthawk

IMG_0342Magnolia Warbler

IMG_0349Female Bay-breasted Warbler

IMG_0353Canada Warbler

IMG_0360Northern Parula

IMG_0371Wilson’s Warbler

IMG_0392Yellow Warbler

As with most migrant traps along Lake Erie some days can be better than others. That’s the risk you take when you bird during Spring migration, especially with warblers. One day they can be literally dripping off the trees, and other days you have to work you tail off just to see a few. As my few days progressed you couldn’t help but notice the decline in both numbers and varieties.

It was such a wonderful time!


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