Birds Of The Boardwalk-2

Finally, after going through all of the pictures while on vacation, it seems that I’ve only come away with just a few really good photos. I’m certainly not disappointed in the performance of the camera, it worked great. It’s getting just the right picture, with a bird that cooperates, and the lighting just so, and the auto focus catching up with the action. However when nature wants to do it’s own thing, we as rank amateur photographers have to try our best and hope that we get some salvageable shots.

I’m sorry for taking so long in getting all the pictures processes, this wasn’t my intention. It’s been a little busy with other things going on other than bird watching. And as the Summer heats up I tend to do less birding, but there are some plans in the works with some awesome field trips and maybe a trip to visit my oldest son who’s working in the Smoky Mountains for the Summer.

So more to come, and I hope you enjoy the few remaining pictures from my visit to the Lake Erie region.

IMG_0287There are break-waters that jut out into the lake, and Dunlin seemed to enjoy this one. As well as…

IMG_0296Ruddy Turnstones. At one time there were over 80 Dunlin and !0 Turnstones all on this one break-water.

IMG_0401One thing you can always count on are lots of Great Egrets. There one of the few birds that rank amateur photographers love, only because they like to hold real still as they hunt for food.

IMG_0429One of the few clean shots I had at a Baltimore Oriole.

IMG_0446Red-eyed Vireo

IMG_0449Prothonotary Warbler

IMG_0472Without it actually calling, this Emphid. species will just be another Flycatcher

IMG_0476Great-creasted Flycatcher

IMG_0497Blackpoll Warbler

IMG_0513And as we were leaving on our last day, the sun was setting over the marsh casting this great color on this Great Blue Heron that was perched on this sign.


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