Strange Visitors

Hummingbirds are a great distraction after a hard day at work. After they get used to you being near they can become pretty fearless and on occasion get within feet of me. I have 2 feeders hanging. One from the tree in my front yard and the other near a hanging basket of flowers on my front porch. Lately I’ve taken my camera and waited.



It’s not just Hummingbirds that seem to enjoy my food.

IMG_0578This Downy Woodpecker has been visiting for the past few days. Now I’ve been feeding birds for a very long time, and never have i seen this kind of behavior. Now I’m sure this has happened to others who feed the Hummingbirds, but it’s a first for me.

IMG_0584Then there’s this Goldfinch who is either drinking the water in the ant trap that hangs above the Hummingbird feeder, or it’s eating the ants that are trapped in it. It will shinny down the cord and do whatever it does. I think it’s getting a drink.



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