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A week from tomorrow, at the start of the 4th of July holiday, I’ll be traveling down to Tennessee. The reason for this trip is 2 fold. 1st I’m going to visit my oldest son who’s working at the Great Smoky Mountain Institute at Tremont,

And the 2nd reason is my attempt to tick off the last warbler species east of the Mississippi that has still eluded me. The Swainson’s Warbler. My son has told me he feels confident that this will be no problem. You see he has a friend who also works at Tremont who is studying and banding Louisiana Waterthrush in the area, and she seems to know a thing or two about the bird and where to find them.

So with all the help I can muster I’ll have 3 solid mornings trying to pick this life bird. However if I fail at locating this bird, I’ll still have a great time in the mountains as my youngest son will be joining me in the long drive that weekend.

So stay tuned, a full report is forth coming.


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