July 100 Species Challenge

Most everyone who birdwatches has heard of the January 100 Species Challenge. Well the gauntlet has been thrown down again, and this time it’s a July challenge. July is one of those months when birding falls off. It’s still too early for migrants to be coming south, and it’s just too hot sometimes to be going out except in the morning. eBird has created their own challenge where if you submit 50 check lists for the month of July you”re eligible for a drawing where you could win a pair of nice Zeiss binoculars. It’s seems that it’s not just Ohio where birding can be slow for the month.
So earlier in the month Paul Hurtado, an important birder in the Ohio birding community, posted on the Ohio Listserv the challenge to come up with 100 species for the month of July. Well at the time I never gave it too much thought till recently. So I started to count in my head all the birds that I”ve seen this month, and I think that I have a good start to meet this challenge and maybe accomplish it.
So this evening I sat down and compiled my list of all the bird species I saw this month. Now granted I did go to Tennessee over the 4th of July, and technically they ‘re still different bird species. So I’m counting them.
After doing some careful counting I came up with 74 species so far. Which isn’t too bad, but can be improved upon. Now I’m thinking of my strategy on how to complete my list before August arrives. In a day or so I”ll share with you all the birds I”ve seen so far. So stay tuned.


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