An Owl Hunt

My daughter has two of the best In-Laws. Granted she is the only married one out of my three children, but it still doesn’t take away the fact that they are such nice people. And I’m not just saying that because they might be reading this blog post, it’s just that we’ve decided that we’re calling ourselves the Fun-In-Laws, because we do have fun when we’re together. Which was the case last evening.

You see they’ve had some pretty regular visits from a Barred Owl. I’ve heard on a number of occasions and they always tell me when they spot it. However for the past few nights it’s not just being heard, they’re spotting it with regularity. So after dinner last evening we were off to their house for some owl hunting.

We arrived about 7:15 and waited for about 15 minutes till we got up and started to make our way round they’re large piece of land. As we made our way back towards a house they rent out to a very nice lady I noticed a large bird fly up from the ground into a tree. As I inched closer it flew off to my left. I had a feeling it was going to be one of those nights where the bird is one step ahead of you, with no photo-op to speak of. So Bill (one of the Fun-In-Laws) and myself followed it to where it flew. Where upon it flew back to where it was originally.

However this time it cooperated. And then some.








2 responses to “An Owl Hunt

  1. Les,
    These are wonderful pictures. I have never seen any better anywhere.
    Mary Ann Nead

  2. Absolutely beautiful! (a friend of the Fun-In-Laws…but you sound like you’re probably pretty fun yourself!)

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