New Yard Bird

How many more yard birds would one expect by living in a normal suburban neighborhood? I think having over 70 birds for a yard list is quite substantial, however I guess there’s always room for another one. So last evening about 30 minutes after sun down while sitting on the front porch I heard a bird call from the wooded lot across the street. The Fun-In-Laws were visiting and with the general conversations that was going on I really perked up when I heard the bird call again. I hushed the noise down so I could really listen. Several minutes later it called again. A Whip-Poor-Will is a unmistakable bird when it calls, and a great addition to my yard list. Now if it will only Hang around for a while so I can really enjoy my evenings on the front porch.


One response to “New Yard Bird

  1. Daniel F DeLapp

    That’s pretty good I don’t even have one on my year list.

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