We all like small, unexpected, birding experiences. This morning while having a cup of coffee while lounging in the lobby of the hotel, I noticed a dove that just didn’t seem right. So I got up from the table and wandered outside to check it out. Walking around the property I noticed an open field where a couple of Killdeer were feeding, but no doves.
Making my way back towards the hotel I noticed a lone dove fly down to the ground by one of the hotels side entrances. This was no Mourning Dove. The first thing I noticed about this bird was the white edges along the tail, and the small black cresent collar. Classic Eurasian-collared Dove. Then I noticed another one sitting in a tree, so now I see a chance to get some photos. So I hurried off to the room, picked up my camera, and snapped off some good shots at these very approachable birds.
So let’s add 2 more birds to the trip list
Eurasian-collard Dove


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