On The Road

After a nice leisurely breakfast we set off out of Hattiesburg and pointed the bird mobile south. But before we could even get out of town we had to make a stop so Kathy could pick up a University of Southern Mississippi t-shirt. Which turned out to be pretty good from a birding prospective when I picked up Fish Crow calling from behind the store. It happened to show up beside the store as we were leaving but within camera at the ready no photo proof.
Birding by car can always be a challenge as Kathy reminded me as I was watching this Red-headed Woodpecker fly across my path and landed on a telephone pole.
During a stop at a rest area we were greeted by several Boat-tailed Grackles as they mooched for hand outs. SeverAl more birds were added to my vacation list as we made out way to Destin. Osprey, Great Egret, Great Blue Heron, Brown Pelican were all seen from the comforting the car.
More casual birds were added after we settled into our room and went for a stroll along the beach. Plenty of Laughing Gulls and Sanderlings with a very cooperative Royal Tern.
Tomorrow will be the big day with me heading out trying for Snowy Plover. Wish me luck.


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