Daily Archives: October 3, 2014

“On The Road”

On my last full day in Florida I made the 1 hour drive to the Gulf of Mexico and doomed birding at St. Andrew State Park. This is one of the parks I had read about on the Florida Birding Trail website, and I was it was one of the locations they recommended to be able to see a Gray Flycatcher. So I set the GPS to the park and made my way pretty easily after battling the rush hour traffic.
It was a beautiful park and I could see in my mind why it would be a perfect place for Gray Flycatchers, however not this day. Besides the normal wading birds I had some pretty good warbler activity. Mongolia, Black & White, American Restarts and Yellow-throated Warblers were pretty active. But without a doubt the Mockingbirds, Brown Thrashers, and Blue Jays were the dominate species not just in this park but all throughout the south.
So toady was another moving day for this vacation as we made our way to the Hilton Head area. And as usual I wasalwa5s on the lookout for any new birds for the trip, and I was able to tick off White Ibis and Cattle Egret.
So with 2 full days here near the coast again I’m going to try and take advantage of my time and get some good birding in. Tomorrow I will visit the Fish Haul Creek area and probably Pickney Island NWR. At neither location I expect to see anything new, however Piping Plovers are now here and they are such great birds that I hope to get some good photographs. As long as I can get relatively close enough.
More to come.