Daily Archives: October 29, 2014

Binocular Woes

These are my current binoculars that I use when I’m out. They’re from Vortex Optics, and they are the Talon HD 10×42. For the price they are exceptional binoculars and I can’t say enough about them. That is unless you want to talk about the chronic issue I’ve been having with the eye cup coming off all the time.

If my memory serves me well the problem first showed up several months after I purchased them. You see the lens covers are a bit snug. Which is a good thing since nobody wants their lens cover falling off all the time which could lead to scratched lens. That’s a bad thing. So one day while birding I pulled the lens cover off and the right eye cup came along with it, leaving the left eye cup in place. I was not happy

The following week I gave the good folks at Vortex a call and asked the tech support people a solution to fixing them without sending it back to the company. So began my quest in finding the perfect adhesive to bond my eye cup back into place without screwing up the mechanical workings that lie beneath.

Well after failed attempt after failed attempt I finally caved and put in the call once again to Vortex, which I should have done in the first place. You see the wonderful thing about Vortex Optics is their VIP Warranty. If you’ve not visited their web site before, their warranty was a big reason why I choose them for both my binoculars and spotting scope. In a nut shell  this is how it works right off their web site.

Lifetime. Unlimited. Unconditional. Vortex will repair or replace the product in the event it becomes damaged or defective. Absolutely free—no matter the cause!

So a week and a half ago I shipped them out, anxious and nervous like a parent sending their kid off to college for the first time. I called today to check on it’s condition with  reassurance from the operator that they were back in the repair shop as we spoke.

Well I’m pleased to announce that I just received a confirmation e-mail from FedEx saying there on the way back home. And hopefully healed. Despite the fact I do have a pair of back up Leopold binoculars, they’re just not the same thing.

So if you learned anything from this blog post is just make sure that you get a good warranty when you purchase your next pair of bins or other optical device. Nothing’s worse than ill functioning equipment no matter what it is.