Yes, We’re Back to Normal.

After some exhaustive internet searching on my “error code” that interrupted my computer, I was able to fix it on my own. Which I’m very proud of. Now don’t come to any conclusion that I’m some computer wizard, I’m not. However I am able to make a few clicks on the mouse and believe it or not, change the date on the computer to get it to start working again. That’s right the date. It seems that the calendar was one month ahead and that’s what gave me the error code and a severe headache.

And so far everything seems to be running smoothly. Knock on wood. And now the second half of this blog post.

My binoculars are back home to where they belong. It seemed like a long drawn out process getting the eye cups reattached, but they work great, and believe it or not they’re like new. Along with my repaired binoculars they sent along an invoice of what they did to them. I’m going to read this right off the invoice as it’s written. Remember I just sent them back to get my eye cup reattached.

” Restored eyecup assemblies. Performed focal and alignment integrity tests and necessary adjustments to restore optimal function and performance. Conducted inspection of body, lenses, and mechanisms for irregularities affecting performance. Cleaned body and lenses. Replaced missing tripod adaptor socket cover.”

This is why I swear by these guys at Vortex Optics. Customer service!


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