” On The Road”

For the past few weeks I’ve been rather idle when it comes to birding, however I’ve not been idle. Chores in and around the house has kept me pretty busy, especially the vegetable garden. Over the past year or so it has grown into a tangled mess full of discarded garden waste and other stuff that has turned my once pride and joy into an embarrassment. It was that same determination that kept our family in fresh produce all those years ago that spurred me into once again to take up the tiller and rake and wage war against my garden.

Weeds and grasses have been taken out. And we tilled. Compost bins were emptied into the garden. And we tilled some more. 25 pounds of garden lime was added. And we tilled yet again. And if tomorrow brings another sunny day I may run the tiller through one more time before letting it rest for the Winter. As I’ve discovered in the past when I was a fledgling gardener my focus was always on the garden and the preparations. Now it’s November and I have to get ready to buy seeds and think about when I need to start them. Whew!

So when’s the boy going birding? Funny you should ask. As it turns out next Sunday Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge is having their last auto tour for the year. This is a wonderful opportunity to drive to distant location that are scattered throughout the refuge that would normally take forever to walk. This is the first time in several years I’ve been here and with Phil coming along it should be a grand old time. I just wish it could have been on Saturday. It’s not necessarily a long drive, just a tiresome one. For us it’s about 4 hours one way, and with work the next day I’m sure I’ll be tired.

But on the bright side it is Ottawa in the Autumn, and anything is possible.



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