January 100 Species Update with a New Life Bird

Well it’s been 24 hours since our arrival to Florida, and certainly has been productive. After getting a good night sleep from all the driving, I was up relatively early for a morning walk on the beach for some bird watching. As one would expect the beach was pretty quiet with mostly walkers, and joggers. So what I did was walk for few minutes and then stop to scan the sky and the ocean. This processes went on for several minutes as I added more birds to my January list. Then I noticed them. 2 Northern Gannets flying off shore. One being a juvenile and the other one an adult. I was really hoping I would find this bird, which normally stays farther out from shore, but from what I’ve read they move closest shore to feed during the winter and your chances to see one increases. Needless to say I’m really pleased with this find.

Now as for my January list, here it is so far. With more to come.
1.  Black Vulture
2.  Turkey Vulture
3.  Bald Eagle
4.  American Kestrel
5.  Cooper’s Hawk
6.  Red-shoulderd Hawk
7.  Red-tailed Hawk
8.  Mallard
9.  Canadian Geese
10. European Starling
11. Carolina Wren
12. House Sparrow
13. House Finch
14. Common Crow
15. Rusty Blackbird
16. American Robin
17. American Goldfinch
18. Mourning Dove
19. Eurasian-collared Dove
20. Northern Cardinal
21. Northern Mockingbird
22. Tufted Titmouse
23. Blue Jay
24. Downy Woodpecker
25. Yellow-rumped Warbler
26. Song Sparrow
27. Sanderling
28. Ring-billed Gull
29. Forsters’s Tern
30. Laughing Gull
31. Bonaparte’s Gull
32. Brown Pelican
33. Northern Gannet
34. Willet
35. Common Loon
36. Horned Grebe


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