January 100 Species Update from “On The Road”

Considering the kind of weather I left behind in Ohio, you would think I wouldn’t complain about 60 degree temps. And believe me I’m really grateful of the warmer weather, however one of the things I was going to do today was set up my spotting scope on the walkway that leads to the beach and scan the ocean for all those fly by birds, especially Northern Gannets. I really wanted a better view of this particular species than what I had yesterday. But there is one thing that you should never depend on when birding is concerned, and that’s the weather. And what I had to deal with today was fog which played pretty thick on the ocean. Other than a nice raft of Red-breasted Mergansers, I couldn’t really see anything further out than a few hundred yards. So I packed it in and headed off to my new favorite spot on Okaloosa Island. The 15 minute drive was uneventful and after making a U-turn after crossing the bridge, I swung the bird-mobile into a close spot and gathered my gear for the walk to the beach. By then the fog really came in, so much so you couldn’t see the bridge which was 50 yards away. If you remember my post from when I visited back in September, this is a protected area for nesting birds, especially the Snowy Plover. So the majority of the area, which is Air Force property, is roped off to trespassers. So what you end doing is walk the edge and keep your eyes and ears open. For the next 3 hours I had so much fun birding I didn’t want it to end. Top quality birds was the key today, and some of these birds were such a surprise even for me. 37.  Ruby-crowned Kinglet 38.  Osprey 39.  American Bittern 40.  Swamp Sparrow 41.  Nelson’s Saltmarsh Sparrow 42.  Eastern Phoebe 43.  Royal Tern 44.  Snowy Plover 45.  Red-breasted Merganser 46.  Bufflehead 47.  Ruddy Turnstone 48.  American Coot 49.  Herring Gull 50.  Great Blue Heron 51.  Sedge Wren 52.  Pied-billed Grebe


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