A Sparrow Kind Of Day

Kathy and I took a side trip today to visit Fort Pickens, a Civil War era fort that was built to guard the entrance to Pensacola Bay. It also in the past been one of the spots where White-winged Delves have been seen. So it was a win, win for me since I do love Civil War history, plus an opportunity to tick off a life bird.
The drive down Santa Rosa Island west out of the small town of Navarre was something to behold. It was Florida in the raw. Kind of what you might imagine it was as Spanish explorers first set foot here. Pristine white sand beaches with no buildings or houses. Being a National Seashore really helps as well.
We had a wonderful time at the fort, however not one dove was seen. Not even the more common ones lime Mourning or Eurasian. However I did make it up with the addition of 3 sparrow species.
55. Chipping Sparrow
56. Savannah Sparrow
57. Vesper Sparrow
58. Ring-necked Duck


A very cooperative Savannah Sparrow


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