Brown Pelican

In the early 1970’s when this stamp was issued in a block of 4 wildlife conservation stamps which included Big Horn Sheep, Fur Seals, and believe it or not the Northern Cardinal, that deadly pesticide DDT was devastating the Brown Pelican population so much that to draw attention to this problem the U.S. Postal service thought it was necessary to issue a commemorative stamp. Now a days if you’ve ever been to Florida you’d never would have thought such a problem existed. These effortless fliers were a sight as I would just stand on the beach and watch as as they glided over the surface of the water.

So on my most recent trip to Florida I made it my project to try to get a photo of a  Brown Pelican sitting on a support post of a dock. Your typical Pelican pose. But where do I start this search for this perfect location? Most places on the waterfront are either privately owned or just too difficult to get to. I needed something simple. So it was one evening while at dinner at one of our favorite seafood restaurant when I noticed the Pelicans down by the waterfront and on the docks just 20 yards from the restaurant. Perfect.

IMG_1983How could you not love that regal look of these wonderful birds. I just can’t imagine losing these birds to something like DDT.


2 responses to “Brown Pelican

  1. Great shot.

  2. I just want you to know that all you do to bring these creatures to life for us is much appreciated!

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