Birthday Present

Next month marks my 60th birthday. And to celebrate this monumental year I wanted something special for myself. And I didn’t want a present that was like any conventional present given in the past. I already have a nice pair of binoculars and spotting scope with a nice tripod, so that’s out.  I love my camera with all the gadgets I bought with it, so why would I buy a new camera. Granted a birder could always use more field guides and other books relating to birds, however this being my 60th birthday it had to be something special.

And I can’t think of anything that gets a birder more worked up and all twitchy, and eventually puts a huge smile on their face than new life birds. Now if you’re a birder you know what I mean when you see a new bird to add to your life list. It’s a true thrill and the memories associated with it lasts forever.

For the past 3 years I’ve been dreaming of the day when I could attend the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival.  The RGVBF is world famous. The tours take you to places you only dream about. And the birds! Species that leave your mind numb and your eyes fatigued. Bring it on.

Every year I’d go onto the festival web site and read over all the tours that’s being offered and thinking that one day will come when I’m on those bird tours. Dozens of new birds to add to that stagnant old life list in hopes of hitting 400 birds.

So yesterday I made my hotel reservation.  I have a good idea on which tours I’m going on. Late afternoon free lance birding by myself is coming together with help from Jon. Except for booking my flight and rental car and signing up for my tours in July I’m starting to study my birds and watching feeder cams at Sabal Palm Bird Sanctuary. Which is pretty cool.

So as the weeks tick away and November rolls around I’ll be updating you as my itinerary develops. And if you think that I might be jumping the ball by planning this far out. Well that might be true, but you see when I booked my room yesterday I got the last single room in the hotel I’m staying at for those 6 days I’m there.




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