On The Road @ RGVBF/ Life Bird 346

It certainly has been an eventful day. It started out pretty nice with a easy flight from Dayton to Chicago, then it went down hill from then on. My desire to keep my carry on bag with me for the entire lasted just as long as it took to fly to Chicago. You see when it came time to board for the next leg to Houston the flight was full and the United gate agent was telling all the poor chumps who board last that you might not be able to store your carry on bag in the overhead compartment. So when it was my turn to board this nasty b…h turned me away despite my best explanation that I have some real expensive gear here. I was forced to turn it over to be checked in the belly of the beast. And what even makes it better is when I get back to my seat there was a empty spot in the overhead just above my head. However what really grinds my grits is the fact that other passengers were allowed larger carry on suitcases plus another soft pack to stow away. And poor little me has a carry on smaller than United Airlines specified size. So needless to say they will be hearing from me, and praying those baggage handling gorillas don’t mess up the optics.
And the hits just keep coming while checking my e-mail while having lunch in Houston I read that my hotel reservation was cancelled. WHAT THE F…!
I made a frantic call to the hotel after looking up the phone number an asked what’s going on. It seems our new credit card was rejected, and the only way they could let me know was to cancel my reservation. So now while I wait at the gate ready to board my last flight to Harlingen, I was on the phone with the credit union wondering why this is happening since I DID TELL THEM I WAS GOING TO GO TO TEXAS.  Oh, well it turns out someone dropped the ball and forget to some other person that I would be using my card in Texas and please don’t block it.
Well after putting out this new fire I was able to sit back on my last flight to Harlingen and worry about whether my gear will there to greet me when I get off. After landing I raced off to baggae claim. The bagge had yet been unloaded so I made my way over to rent my car, which went rather smoothly believe it or not. Well both pieces of luggage showed up much to my delight. And with luggage in tow I walked to my rental and drove to the Harlingen Municipal Auditorium to pick up my festival packet.
Feeling tather good considering everything else that went on during this long day it was while I was in thenparking lot at my hotel when I saw my first of several hundred Great-tailed Grackles and a Loggerhead Shrike perched of a chain link fence.
I can’t wait till tomorrow.


One response to “On The Road @ RGVBF/ Life Bird 346

  1. Good luck Les, I hope you have an amazing time. I know you have been looking forward to this for quite a while.

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