Daily Archives: January 8, 2016

January 100 Species Challenge

A few years back I drove to Armleder Park to try and pick up my lifer Short-eared Owl. The local buzz in the birding world was that it was a dependable location as long as you waited it out till evening. So one evening I waited and got some pretty terrible looks at some Short-eared Owls as the flew around the park. But it was a lifer, so I ticked it off.

Since then I’ve seen them around the Tri-state, and actually close to a dozen a few years back when I first made my January 100 species.


So yesterday I made my way back to Armleder Park after work in hopes of seeing some more. Once again the buzz around town was that they were pretty consistent right after sun down. So as I waited with frozen feet, 10 other birders were waited for when the owls left the cover of the overgrown field and took to the air.

And they did, all 8 of them. Unfortunately since I didn’t have my camera, no photos.

     46. Short-eared Owl

More news!

As you now the American Birding Association has this wonderful blog. And every week or so they post a Rare Bird Alert for all over the country. Well guess who’s photo from my own Flickr page made the alert page with the Western Grebe I located last weekend.

I hate to gloat, but I’m rather proud of the find.  The URL for the ABA Blog is below.