January 100 Species Challenge

Grand Valley Preserve, Valley View Preserve, Armleder Park, & Various Gravel Quarries 

Being only the second weekend in January, and with the change in the weather looming with rain turning to snow overnight the need to get out an do some birding was imperative if I was going to make a dent into this 100 species challenge.

And since 2 eyes are always better than one I picked up Jon at 8:00 am and once again re-visited some of the same locations David and I went to last Saturday. So instead of boring you with all the details of the day, I’ll give you a run down of the species seen.

  1. American Wigeon
  2. Ruby-crowned Kinglet
  3. Hairy Woodpecker
  4. Field Sparrow
  5. White-crowned Sparrow
  6. Great Blue Heron
  7. Redhead
  8. Common Loon
  9. Green-winged Teal
  10. Sharp-shinned Hawk
  11. Great Horned Owl

January total to date: 57 species

IMG_4109Field Sparrow

IMG_4116Black Vulture kettle

IMG_4125American Tree Sparrow

IMG_4127White-crowned Sparrow


4 responses to “January 100 Species Challenge

  1. Where, did you see the White Crowned Sparrows and Black Vultures ?
    Had 3 Ross’s geese in Middletown the day before yesterday and a Western Tanager yesterday (if you already haven’t seen it).

    • The White-crowned were at Armleder park, and the vultures were seen in 2 locations. We had a 20 plus kettle roosting near Valley View preserve on South Milford road next to Pattison Elementary school. The larger kettle that was feeding on the ground was located on Mt. Carmel Rd. Which is off Round bottom rd. Where Township Tavern is located. They were in a field on our left well before we came to Broadwell rd.

  2. I’m at 60, but now the “low hanging fruit” is gone. 100 will be tough. I like your pictures, especially Tree Sparrow.

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