Brown Creeper

While I was waiting for this Common Redpoll to make it’s appearance at this feeder station in a Northern Kentucky cemetery, my vigil for the Redpoll pretty much kept the bins on my eyes for the 4 hours I was there. Talking about eye fatigue, and to make matters worse I dipped on the bird, however…

For the most part the Brown Creeper (Certhia americana) can be found almost every State and parts of Canada, so why is it so difficult to spot these little brown birds. First off they short legs, long stiff tail feathers, long curved claws and toes with long dense feathers. And they’re almost always found on trees using their stiff tail as a prop as they feed usually starting at the bottom of a tree and spiraling upward. They’ll work their way to the top, then fly over to the next tree where they start the process over again.

At about 5.3 inches they’re not as small as some birds, but given that they blend into the tree is what makes them so difficult to spot. I know that they have a very distinct, high pitched call, but for someone like me who has troubles hearing at certain octaves I tend to miss there call unless someone else points it out to me.

And with the felling of the old growth forest, places like Kentucky their breeding population is listed as “endangered”. But what was the real thrill was while I was waiting for the Redpoll I noticed a small bird forage at the bottom of one of the trees in the background. A Brown Creeper and begging for it’s picture to be taken.

IMG_4303Granted it’s a blurry photo, however it’s easy to see how this bird can be overlooked when out birding.

IMG_4305Since they spiral up as they feed, I had to wait till it came to the side of the tree to snap off this picture. They may not be very good photographs, but this is the first one I’ve ever gotten.


2 responses to “Brown Creeper

  1. Yes creepers are a challange. Probably why I like them so much.

  2. The pics are fine. Creepers are naturally blurry.

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