Prep Time- Part 2

With just one full week left till our 2 week vacation to the west coast, things are beginning to shape up. The whale watching/pelagic trip has been booked for September 6th out of Anacortes Washington, which should be an outstanding trip. And just a few moments ago I booked a birding tour with Kaiyote Tours for an all inclusive 7-8 hour birding trip. Now this isn’t a tour with a large group of birders, this is just going to be Kathy, myself and the guide who’s name is Kaiyote Snow. While I talked to her on the phone she told me the basic itinerary would include birding in the mountains, forests and the ocean side. I think that just about covers all the birding habitat out there.  I can hardly wait.

Most of my birding gear is ready to be packed away into my large day pack.


  • Peterson Bird Guide
  • Tripod with attached Scopack
  • Spotting Scope
  • Binoculars with case
  • Camera with case
  • Small Canon camera for Kathy
  • Samsung tablet
  • Garmin GPS
  • Voice Recorder
  • RavPower File Hub
  • Lens cleaning supplies
  • Extra camera batteries
  • Various chargers, cables and do-dads

Besides the tripod I’m hoping that everything fits nicely into my day pack, and then accompany me onto the plane. One thing I want to avoid is what happened when I traveled to Texas last year, when they made me check my gear into the plane. The separation anxiety was more than I could bear.


One response to “Prep Time- Part 2

  1. Jerky. don’t forget beef jerky.

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