Autumn, specifically October is both my favorite season and month of all time. And even though I was married 31 years ago this month, the fact remains whether I’m married or not this is my favorite time of year bar none. The landscape is changing, from green corn fields to golden brown rows of ripening field corn. The soy beans are turning golden as the days grow shorter, as well as the leaves on the trees. We’re changing from shorts and T-shirts, to jeans and sweaters. Soups are served warm to the table weekly, as we throw open the windows and turn off the AC.

Change is good. It keeps us in balance with nature. And with these changes comes the much anticipated Winter Finch Report from our friend up north, Ron Pittaway.

Every year at this time birders wait for October and for Ron Pittaway’s look into finch movement during the fall and winter. A field Ornithologist from Ontario Canada, his highly respected, and accurate reports help us birders as we go into the field, or sit inside our warm homes, and watch the birds.

Now I could do a simple copy and paste of his report, but it would be simpler to just add a hyperlink to his report.

And for those birders in the Midwest, Red-breasted Nuthatches are showing up in quantity.

Ron Pittaway’s Finch Report

2 responses to “Autumn

  1. theafternoonbirder

    Agreed! Birding at the moment is fabulous. And I’m already hoping for lots of finches this winter.

  2. Thanks for that link–I’ve already checked it out and its quite useful. I second your opinion about October and autumn.

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