Notes From The Field

The first day of Day Light Savings Time and it’s time for a little birding despite the cold weather. Even though I took my camera with me I wasn’t in a very photographic mood. I just wanted to wander around at Armleder Park for a couple of hours and do nothing more than some casual birding. No hurrying from one place to another. No ticking off as many birds as you can in a single day. Spotting a common bird can be just as exciting as seeing a rarity. Spring is almost here and there will be exciting times ahead when it comes to birds.

All the normal birds were seen except for my first of the year Greater Yellowleg. For a cold March morning this is a pretty good bird.

The size and the up turned bill is a dead give away. Quality is poor, however considering the distance I took this shot, it’s not too terrible.

Cooper’s Hawk

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