Monthly Archives: September 2018

Photo Journal

If you’re not aware of this fact, I really dislike the summer we have here in the Ohio Valley. The heat and humidity will keep me indoors more than I prefer, however birding during these times can be challenging. Also I’ve been out of town helping my youngest get settled into his new apartment in Atlanta, which has put me on road 4 times so far this season. However fall migration is in full swing and good birds are showing up. As a matter of fact 6 American Aveocets were sighted at Caesar Creek just 2 days ago, alas they were gone the next morning.

However all is good with my Ruby-throated Hummingbirds that always keep me entertained as I try to capture them at my feeders. I have loads of pictures, but these few turned out the best. The only thing I’ve done to these pictures was crop them, and I think they’re pretty good.