“On The Road”, Again for Yet Another Rarity!

It’s been only 5 days since I was able to re-locate Ohio’s first recorded Gray Kingbird, when word got out about another rarity. This time it was a Northern Wheatear spotted on a farm in rural Richland County Ohio. I’ve heard of Richland County, but I wasn’t quite sure where it was located. It turns out to be the county that Mansfield Ohio is, which is about 150 miles and a little under 3 hours by car. I Facebook Messaged a friend to see if he was chasing the bird. Initially he wasn’t, however he suggested that I do. I thought for a few minutes and considered the time factor since I was getting a late start. I knew how far Mansfield was, and how long it was going to take to drive, but I didn’t know in what part of the county the bird was in.

I was looking at an arrival time of about 4 pm, and not knowing if and when I’ll ever have this opportunity again, I was out the door 10 minutes later. I contacted Phil again to keep me up to date as I drove along, then I settled into the long drive, hoping that the bird would stick around for just a little longer. Dipping on a bird after a long drive like this gives a birder that sinking feeling that’s hard to shake off, especially if you have a 3 hour drive back home. You start questioning yourself, asking if this was the right decision or how could you have done it differently.

My friend Chris who changed his mind about chasing the bird let me know he was about 10 minutes behind me and that the bird was again spotted at about 2:20. News like this is always uplifting  when doubt often clouds better judgement. I pressed onward with renewed energy.

I got to Mansfield without incident, but my timing was off. School was letting out and I had to content with school buses. Then it was the painting crews re-painted the lines on roads which made me detour through a gas station. Then after getting through town I had to be extra mindful of the Amish again. Horse and buggies and cars don’t mix well.

I passed the farm up and made a u-turn in a neighbors driveway. The house sat back about 200 yards from the road and you could see the collection of cars accumulating along the gravel drive. I parked and walked up only to find that the bird flew off 20 minutes ago and hasn’t been seen since. However there were plenty of eyes there, and if and when it shows up I’ll be there. I’m not leaving now.

I messaged Chris to let him know that the bird was AWOL. He let me know he was there and that he was going to scan along the drive as he worked his way to the house. A few minutes later I step out to look down the drive for Chris when I notice them motioning to the top of a electrical pole. There’s our bird.

After a minute it flew down onto the wood pile next to the drive and then proceeded to pose for all the clicking cameras. Mine to.


3 responses to ““On The Road”, Again for Yet Another Rarity!

  1. Nice pictures! What an adventure you were on, glad you were able to capture these pics!

  2. Nice pics.

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