A Couple New Birds

Despite my terrible way at keeping my blog updated, I have been able to tick off a couple new birds. Last week while visiting my Son and daughter-In-Law for Thanksgiving in Boston, we visited Plum Island for a recurring Razorbill. Despite the cold and wind I was able to get a unsatisfying view of it as it dove below the water and never came up.

The next new bird was just today. While in Detroit overnight babysitting our grandchildren, I noticed a Allen’s Hummingbird back in Cincinnati. So after a 4 hour drive and another 30 minutes to drive to the area the birds been seen, it showed up after 20 minutes and then flew off.

I’ll take it. So now I’m up to 471 and slowly whittling away closer to 500.

2 responses to “A Couple New Birds

  1. tough to keep these blogs updated…Glad you got a look at a razorbill up my way too there is a western kingbird there now.

  2. Good to see another post. It’s been a long time. Congrats on your hits.

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