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Grass crusted with ice

Glistens from dawns early sun

Meadowlark flushes


A Birders Haiku

It’s been a very long time since I’ve written a blog post. The reason is I’m not one to go out and do a lot of birding during the heat of the summer. Here in the Ohio valley the combination of the heat and humidity keeps me indoors. However I’m still birding in my own way, as a family of Eastern Bluebirds have discovered my Bluebird feeder and the meal worms.

I have been doing some birding by ear as my wife and I ride our bikes through the shady portions of the Little Miami Bike Trail. And retirement fast approaches I’ll be getting out more and more, so stay tuned.

Here’s one of my own haiku’s written for those dog days of summer.

As the heat rises

off the endless black ribbon

the Crow disappears


A Birders Haiku

rock garden

Wind swept snow, branches

white on black, honeysuckle

shields the Tree Sparrow

A Birders Haiku

rock garden

Upon the soft sand

Fiddlers scatter with each step

as Godwits forage

A Birders Haiku

rock garden

Humid evening air

Sparrows chase bugs in the wake

of the lawn mower

A Birder’s Haiku

rock garden

Open grassland, endless

passing shadow of gray ghost

the Harrier lights