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State Birds

While I was surfing around Ye Ole Internet today looking at other people’s blogs on Birding or Bird Watching to see how they do it, I found a few good ideas I’d thought I would share. Someone had posted a list of all the state birds, and I thought what a great idea. I understand that most of my readers know which is their own state bird, but would you know the state bird of Oklahoma? And besides, this is a good way to expand my blog a little bit. Offer a little more information to the uninformed. So while your reading the latest post here at “A Birders Notebook”, and you think to yourself what’s the state bird of Oklahoma. Now all you have to do is click on “State Birds”.

So enjoy yet another little tidbit of info from me to you.

  1. Alabama—————   Northern Flicker
  2. Alaska—————–    Willow Ptarmigan
  3. Arizona—————-   Cactus Wren
  4. Arkansas—————   Northern Mockingbird
  5. California————–   California Quail
  6. Colorado—————  Lark Bunting
  7. Connecticut————  American Robin
  8. Delaware—————  Blue Hen Chicken
  9. Florida——————  Northern Mockingbird
  10. Georgia—————–  Brown Thrasher
  11. Hawaii——————  Hawaiian Goose
  12. Idaho——————–  Mountain Bluebird
  13. Illinois——————   Northern Cardinal
  14. Indiana—————–   Northern Cardinal
  15. Iowa——————–   American Goldfinch
  16. Kansas——————  Western Meadowlark
  17. Kentucky—————  Northern Cardinal
  18. Louisiana—————  Brown Pelican
  19. Maine——————-  Black-capped Chickadee
  20. Maryland—————  Baltimore Oriole
  21. Massachusetts———  Black-capped Chickadee
  22. Michigan—————  American Robin
  23. Minnesota————–  Common Loon
  24. Mississippi————-  Northern Mockingbird
  25. Missouri—————-  Eastern Bluebird
  26. Montana—————-  Western Meadowlark
  27. Nebraska—————  Western Meadowlark
  28. Nevada—————–  Mountain Bluebird
  29. New Hampshire——   Purple Finch
  30. New Jersey————   American Goldfinch
  31. New Mexico———–  Greater Roadrunner
  32. New York————–  Eastern Bluebird
  33. North Carolina——–  Northern Cardinal
  34. North Dakota———   Western Meadowlark
  35. Ohio———————   Northern Cardinal
  36. Oklahoma————–  Scissor-tailed Flycatcher
  37. Oregon—————–   Western Meadowlark
  38. Pennsylvania———-   Ruffed Grouse
  39. Rhode Island———-  Rhode Island Red Hen
  40. South Carolina——–  Carolina Wren
  41. South Dakota———- Ring-necked Pheasant
  42. Tennessee————–  Northern Mockingbird
  43. Texas——————-   Northern Mockingbird
  44. Utah———————  California Gull
  45. Vermont—————-  Hermit Thrush
  46. Virginia—————-   Northern Cardinal
  47. Washington————  American Goldfinch
  48. West Virginia———   Northern Cardinal
  49. Wisconsin————–  American Robin
  50. Wyoming————— Western Meadowlark