“On The Road” Third Times The Charm

Galloway Ohio is one of those sleepy little communities that’s trying to hold onto it’s rural roots as urban sprawl knocks at it’s door. A combination of farms and homes on large lots speckle the landscape in this area just southwest of the circle highway surrounding Columbus Ohio. As a matter of fact this area holds one of my favorite birding spots, Battelle-Darby Metro Park.

I believe it was last Saturday when Cheryl B. noticed an unusual hummingbird at her feeder just outside in the backyard. Notifying her friend Jen A. they were then able to contact a certified hummingbird bander, that was able to safely net and then band the bird. They were then able to make the correct identification of a state first Black-chinned Hummingbird.

Word went out on Ohio Chase Bird Facebook page that visitors are welcome. Parking, viewing area, and birding etiquette was needed to be observed. Since the home owners worked they had to set up strict visitation hours for the week. By the time I read the post last Monday several hours had already passed.

I gathered my gear together and looked at a map to give me an idea of where the bird was located. It was about a 90 minute drive and 4 pm was the time they were closing it down for the day. I arrived a little after 2 pm and waited. And waited. And waited. It was a long drive home empty handed, however I was determined to go back the next day. Visitation was starting at 10 am and i was going to be there at that time.

The nest day prior to leaving I checked Facebook for any updates on the bird. It was feeding at 8:30. The wind was howling that day and with the temps in the 30’s that morning I had to dress up like it was winter. I arrived a little after 10 am, set up my spotting scope and waited as the wind wiped everyone there. With visitation ending at 4 pm, I decided to call it quits by 3:15 pm with the bird not showing up once.

Wednesday I needed to stay home and get somethings done and run some errands. And as you’d expect Facebook was lite up with the bird coming to the feeder on multiple occasions. My frustration grew on missing the bird again and the fact that they weren’t allowing birders to visit on Thursday or Friday. This left only this weekend to run up again.

Yesterday morning in the rain I drove once again back to tick off this bird. You were allowed to visit starting at 9 am, so I arrived just after 9. I noticed 3 guys packing it in, and i asked if the bird was showing up. They told me it was very active and they set up a second feeder for the bird.

I pulled in, unloaded, walked over to the group of birders congregated in the viewing area, and set my scope towards the new feeder. Within 2 minutes the bird showed up and I was finally able to check off this bird.

Don’t be too judgmental on the terrible photo, it was still raining and it was a good distance away.

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  1. Bravo! Congratulations.

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