An Experiment With Digibinning

I’ve come to the conclusion that my mediocrity is the standard where digiscoping is concerned. My pictures will not reach the pages of National Geographic so all you professional photographers can breath a sigh of relief.

So with that said why would “digibinning” be any different. But first what is digibinning? It’s taking your digital point-n-shoot camera and holding it up to one of your ocular eye pieces on your binoculars and take a picture. This method of photography can come in handy in  a lot of circumstances. For myself when I don’t have my spotting scope with the proper attachments to digiscope that elusive bird, I’ll resort to this. Most point-n-shoot cameras can fit right into your pocket and with a little practice you can come away with some half way decent pictures.

Now this female Downy Woodpecker was digibinned while I was indoors, so there is a glass window between myself and the subject. Now I know that my windows can probably do with a little Windex, however this turned out pretty good.

One thing I found helpful when doing this was that my eye cups were turned all the way out so the lens on the camera won’t rest on the ocular lens on your bins. And just like digiscoping, turn your optical zoom all the way out. If you have a camera that goes beyond 4x or 5x, this might not work for you. I was also using the AUTO MODE on my camera. It takes the guess work out of getting the proper setting since I’m only experimenting with this method right now.

For myself this will not replace my spotting scope produced pictures, just another tool for when I leave it at home. In the long run I just want an acceptable quality picture where you can make a good ID on the bird. Is that too much to ask?

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