Caesar Creek Lake/Harveysburg Road

Well once again I’m on the road again, back up to my new favorite big lake. I received a phone call today at from Allan Claybon at about 11:30 informing me that the Pacific Loon was seen real close today. He was there already, and is taking pictures as we spoke.

Well, having seen the culprit on Monday, why would I want to see it again. Like I said in my previous post concerning said bird, it wasn’t a very good ID. I’m positive I saw the bird, but now an opportunity to get another view, and according to Allan, swimming on glass-like water. All I can say is this,  I’m grateful for slow days at work.

Leaving work at about 12:35, I headed to UDF to fill up the bird-mobile and stop at the house to grab my gear. I arrived at Harveysburg Road at about 1:45. I was a low flying aircraft. I had spoken to Allan and he was going to stick around. So when I got there and no Allan. I gave him a quick call, only to find out that he had parked at the other end of the road and hiked down the hill to the lake. So, to make a long story short, when I arrived and set up my scope, I was blessed once again to view this beautiful sight.

As you can see in this picture, the Pacific Loon is on the right.

A great picture with good views of the field marks.

A good shot of his head and notice the bill shape when comparing it to a Common Loon.

Now here is a great side by side comparison of a Common Loon on the left and the Pacific Loon on the right.

All photographs are courtesy of Allan Claybon

And if that wasn’t enough, I spotted  a new bird. Horned Grebes. Now I realize that to be proficient in birding it takes some hard work and actually  getting out in the field and doing it. And then sometimes it’s just being in the right spot at the right time. 2 away from 250.

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